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New Stuff!

New to ProGov21 Our Policy Roadmaps

ProGov21 is excited to announce the launch of our 27 Roadmaps to our 27 core policy areas.

Our roadmaps serve as an introduction and overview of the materials in our database for each policy area. The roadmaps provide rich detail and direction for any progressive policy maker or advocacy group seeking to push reforms in your community.

We aim for our roadmaps to be a continual community effort. Please contact us at if you have suggestions for improving one of our roadmaps.

While our roadmaps provide details on each policy area they are not exhaustive of the materials you can find on each policy in the ProGov21 database. For all our materials please explore our search page.

Please explore each of our 27 Policy Roadmaps here.

New to ProGov21: UC Berkeley Labor Center’s Research and Polices

The ProGov21 Team is excited to announce that the UC Berkeley Labor Center’s research and materials have been added to the database.

Over the years the Labor Center has developed a wealth of sophisticated economic models to evaluate the impacts of local labor policies. In particular, the Labor Center has pioneered methods for measuring the impacts of local minimum wage laws. All their minimum wage law studies as well as their methods documents have been added to the ProGov21 database.

Examples of the local minimum wage materials:

Guide to your own local minimum wage law study


Policy Reports on Minimum Wage Enforcement and Impacts


Local Minimum Wage Law Impact Study Examples


The wealth of the Labor Center’s materials does not stop at minimum and living wage laws but also includes research on a wide variety of labor issues such as the gig-economy, green jobs programs, health care issues, and government contracting.

Explore all of the UC Berkeley Labor Center’s rich materials in our database.

NEW TO PROGOV21: Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy’s Research and Policies

The ProGov21 Team is excited to announce that the Los Angeles Alliance for a New Economy’s (LAANE) research and policies have been added to the database.

LAANE’s work provides a substantial case study of when research reports impact and result in actual city policies. Below are examples of LAANE reports and the final laws resulting from this advocacy.

The materials include LAANE’s path breaking work on community benefits agreements and local living wage laws.

Community Benefits Agreements:


Living Wage Laws:


Additionally, the materials include LAANE’s prudent green jobs initiatives such as:

Clean Ports:


Transportation Construction Jobs:


Clean Energy Jobs:


LAANE has also created with their partners a strategic report on the hidden power of cities and how to fight state pre-emption.

Explore all of LAANE’s outstanding materials in our database.