University of Wisconsin–Madison

Good Jobs in a Clean Energy Economy Through The Clean Power Plan

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2016
Level City or Town, State
State(s) California, New York, Oregon
Policy Areas Community Development, Economic Justice, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
This toolkit discusses strategies that deliver high quality jobs with career pathways accessible to workers in low-income communities and communities of color. As the primary implementers of the Clean Power Plan (CPP), state governments play a critical role in ensuring that the expansion of renewable energy and energy efficiency creates good jobs for low-income communities. However, the strongest action that states can take to ensure the creation of good jobs is to establish requirements of both contractors and local governments working on or receiving funds for CPP projects. The toolkit examines case studies in Portland, New York, and Los Angeles County to highlight three best practices: (1) Provide access to high quality jobs in renewable energy and energy efficiency for job seekers from frontline communities, (2) Develop robust workforce development strategies and career pathways in clean energy and energy efficiency implementation that reach communities underrepresented in the economy, (3) Ensure effective monitoring and enforcement mechanisms using strong partnerships with community-based organizations.

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