University of Wisconsin–Madison

Maximizing value: A policy blueprint to help communities leverage green investments

Year 2011
Level City or Town, City or Town, Other Boards and Agencies
State(s) All States, Ohio
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Economic Justice, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
Ohio communities need a better approach, one that fosters economic growth while also protecting the environment and supporting local businesses and workers. This is why the City of Oberlin, in partnership with Oberlin College and the city’s municipal utility have launched “The Oberlin Project” to make Oberlin the greenest little city in the U.S., grow the local economy in the process, and become a national model for sustainable economic development. This report is a policy blueprint to help Oberlin, and all Ohio communities, drive demand for clean energy while leveraging green investments to secure maximum value to the community. The four key components of this comprehensive strategy are designed to balance the three E’s of sustainable economic development—environment, economy, and equity.

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