University of Wisconsin–Madison

2014 Chicago Ordinance 02014-1511

Type Ordinance
Year 2014
Level City or Town
State(s) Illinois
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Health
This ordinance requires all employers in the City of Chicago to offer employees the opportunity to earn and accumulate sick time. The ordinance requires employers to provide one hour of sick time for each 30 hours worked, with a cap of 40 accumulated hours for small employers and a cap of 72 hours for all other employers. The ordinance prohibits employers from requiring employees to find a replacement for themselves as a stipulation for using sick time. Employers are also prohibited from retaliating against employees for valid sick time usage. Employers are exempt from this requirement if there is a valid collective bargaining agreement in place or if they offer paid leave that can serve the same purpose as sick days. Employees may receive no reimbursement for sick days upon termination and must provide advanced notice of plans to use sick days to the employer when possible. The ordinance lists several civil penalties for violations of this ordinance.

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