University of Wisconsin–Madison

Joint Use of Public Schools: A Framework for a New Social Contract

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2010
Level City or Town, County, School District
State(s) All States
Policy Areas Community Development, Education, Public Spaces
In this paper, the 21st Century School Fund and the Center for Cities and Schools at the University of California Berkeley provide a conceptual frame for the joint use of PK-12 public schools. There is a growing conversation about and demand for joint use as a way to provide services to children and families in convenient locations, improve opportunities for physical activity by increasing use of school recreational and outdoor spaces, leverage capital investments, and more. However, engaging in joint use, particularly intensive sharing of space or use by multiple parties, presents ongoing challenges to school and community leaders. In this paper, they frame the basic challenges and opportunities for joint use to facilitate better conversations and planning for these type of collaborations.

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