University of Wisconsin–Madison

Towards Gender Liberation

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2017
Level State
State(s) All States
Policy Areas Children & Families, Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Health
This paper focuses on gender-based oppression since it is both one of the fundamental characteristics of the current system and one that must be eliminated from any desirable alternative future system. The first section attempts to provide working definitions for key terms and a brief outline of some of the pertinent recent historic struggles for gender equality. This leads to a more detailed overview of the many ways in which gender oppression is occurring within the current system. The focus on the models of oppression is key to the understanding of systemic crises and this paper highlights the need to place a gender-based lens on the issues at hand. Policy options outlined in this paper include Universal Basic Income, paid family leave, universal child care, access to reproductive healthcare, as well as many others that hit on the issues brought up in this paper.

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