University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Creative Corridor: A Main Street Revitalization

Type Fact Sheet or Infographic
Year 2014
Level City or Town
State(s) Arkansas
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Community Development, Economic Justice, Environment & Natural Resources, Finance & Procurement, Public Spaces
If ecologies evolve through diversification, cities mature through aggregation of talent and resources. The Creative Corridor Plan is premised upon the aggregation of complementary creative organizations currently scattered throughout Little Rock. Some of these groups exist at the financial margin and struggle to stay alive. Their ability to secure greater visibility and support will likely be amplified through new synergies from aggregation. Facilities slated to anchor The Creative Corridor include instruction and production spaces for the symphony, ballet, arts center, visual artists, theater, and dance, as well as a culinary arts economy that triangulates restaurants, demonstration, and education.

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