University of Wisconsin–Madison

RainReady Midlothian: Interim Report

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2015
Level City or Town
State(s) Illinois
Policy Areas Community Development, Environment & Natural Resources
Recognizing that urban flooding problems are generated by stormwater runoff from roads, parking lots, yards, and roofs across neighborhoods, the RainReady Community program takes a neighborhood-scale approach to addressing urban flooding. Participating neighborhoods receive an in-depth, community-wide RainReady plan. In addition to home upgrades, the plan proposes flood prevention measures that extend to streets, parkways, forest lands, and public spaces. These preventive measures include the use of porous paving, rain gardens, bioswales, and trees. These plans highlight the considerable effort already made toward community resilience in Midlothian, Illinois. Solutions are being explored that emphasize speedy implementation and community-driven action.

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