University of Wisconsin–Madison

Downtown Parking Management Strategy: Saint Paul, MN

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2015
Level City or Town
State(s) Minnesota
Policy Areas Community Development, Public Spaces, Transportation & Mobility
The Downtown Saint Paul Parking Management Strategy is a six-month effort that documents current parking activities, examines expected future parking, and recommends a series of strategies to achieve City goals. In order to establish a baseline of the current state of on-street, off-street, public and private parking assets, the study began with a parking inventory and utilization study. After developing an inventory based on a combination of existing data and stakeholder input, the team collected parking utilization information: on-street data were collected by field visits; off-street data were collected through a combination of surveys, field visits, and traffic cameras. To understand the context of the governance and enforcement of these spaces, multiple in-person interviews were conducted with stakeholders (listed below). The team then analyzed the City's parking data in the context of growth models for future scenarios and reviewed how this growth is shaped by the parking-related elements of the Zoning Code. All of this was then taken into consideration to develop strategies to improve the downtown parking system.

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