University of Wisconsin–Madison

2009 New York City Local Law 24

Type Ordinance
Year 2009
Level City or Town
State(s) New York
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Community Development, Economic Justice, Health, Housing, Public Safety, Public Spaces
The ordinance prohibits unwanted physical contact to someone entering or exiting a reproductive health clinic or following or harassing someone within 15 feet of the clinic. It prohibits obstructing or blocking the premises to impede access, physically damaging or attempting to damage a facility to interfere with its operation, and knowingly interfering with the operation of the facility, such as interfering with the delivery of goods. The ordinance defines the premises of a reproductive health care facility as the driveway, entryway, and parking lot associated with the facility. This ordinance does not require police to see intent to make an arrest, and proof of such intent is not required for any prosecution under the ordinance. Unlike the state law, this ordinance does not require a complainant to initiate a violator's arrest or prosecution.

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