University of Wisconsin–Madison

Pathways Out of Poverty: Boys and Men of Color and Jobs in the Health Sector

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2014
Level City or Town, County, Other Boards and Agencies, School District
State(s) California
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Education
This report summarizes key opportunities and barriers for Boys and Men of Color(BMoC) in allied health professions. Through a literature review and interviews with key stakeholders, we have identified three areas — public K-12 education, the juvenile justice system, and men’s health — that have significant impacts. By coordinating state and regional efforts, California can increase the diversity of its health sector while simultaneously creating a viable solution to chronic unemployment in communities of color. Recommendations include: (1) Creating a trust fund for sustained, long-term funding for linked-learning pathway programs for BMoC; (2) Creating industry buy-in to support linked-learning pathway programs in partnership with hospitals, health insurance providers, and health clinics; (3) Adjusting employment law to assess criminal background information on an individual basis, rather than being a blanket barrier to employment; (4) Creating targeted hiring agreements with local governments and health sector employers to encourage BMoC employment, and (5) Attending to the physical, emotional, and mental health of BMoC in employment and linked-learning programs.

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