University of Wisconsin–Madison

Maximizing Value: A Policy Blueprint to Help Communities Leverage Green Investments

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2011
Level City or Town
State(s) Ohio
Policy Areas Economic Justice, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
Clean energy policies can create jobs, support local business in green markets, and ensure residents have access to jobs created. This brief guides local governments on how to make the most out of green investments. After reviewing the City of Oberlin's energy use and emissions, several policy options and best practices were identified for five energy-using and emission-producing sectors: (1) upgrading the electricity system, (2) greening the commercial and industrial sector to reduce energy costs for firms, (3) enabling anchor institutions in the community to reduce energy use and cost, (4) making the transportation system more sustainable while promoting smart growth and complete street principles, and (5) promote energy savings for Oberlin residents in their homes. By adopting policy options and best practices, communities can spur local investments in the green economy.

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