University of Wisconsin–Madison

The Power of Sustainable Purchasing

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2018
Level County
State(s) All States
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Democracy & Governance, Economic Justice, Energy, Environment & Natural Resources
Companies, governments, and institutions of all kinds purchase goods and services for their own use. But what they buy - and how they buy it - has a significant impact on local communities, the environment, and the economy - and in some unexpected ways, on the success of the business itself. When organizations choose to purchase goods and services that are sustainable, in a way that is transparent, they lower their risks, boost their public relations, and become more cost-effective. What's more, they help build a broadly sustainable economy - especially when they also require sustainability from their supply chains. By choosing sustainable procurement options, buyers enhance local economic growth, harness the potential of underutilized communities, reduce income inequality, and mitigate the damage of climate change - all while making purchases their operations need. Adding sustainability and transparency to purchasing specifications improves everyday operations and, at the same time, fosters a more sustainable economy for everyone.

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