University of Wisconsin–Madison

Raise LA: How Good Hotel Jobs Will Boost Local Businesses, Strengthen Neighborhoods and Renew Our Economy

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2013
Level City or Town
State(s) California
Policy Areas Civil Rights, Economic Justice, Health
Residents, workers, and businesses from communities across Los Angeles are united in the Raise LA Coalition in an effort to ensure that the city’s largest and most profitable hotels support the communities in which they operate. Raise LA is advocating for City Council passage of a minimum wage for hotel workers. Establishing a minimum wage for workers in LA’s large hotels will directly address the problem of growing poverty in the city of Los Angeles and will stimulate our local economy by an estimated $71 million per year in increased local consumer spending and related economic activity. With the full recovery of the city’s lodging industry, hotels’ revenues at an all-time high, and the scheduled addition of thousands of new rooms to the city’s stock, there is an important opportunity today for LA’s large hotels to make necessary investments in improving workplace standards that will affect thousands of Angelenos working in one of the city’s largest low-wage sectors.

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