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Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2019
Level City or Town, County, Other Boards and Agencies
State(s) All States
Source Community Justice Exchange
Policy Areas Economic Justice, Civil Rights, Housing, Public Safety
"The following is a framework that seeks to draw out what “prosecutor organizing” looks like with an abolitionist lens. The first section outlines principles to hold us accountable to each other, so that there is shared agreement about what abolition means in organizing around prosecutors....

Type Fact Sheet or Infographic
Year 2018
Level City or Town
State(s) Ohio
Source Policy Matters Ohio
Policy Areas Economic Justice, Civil Rights
It can be diffiuclt to have a record and find work in Ohio, collateral sanctions block Ohioans from housing, civic rights and jobs. Increasing criminalization through insufficient economic prospects, making collateral sanctions unsafe and decress opportunities for legitimate work....

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