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Type Model Law
Year -
Level City or Town
State(s) All States
Source -
Policy Areas Economic Justice
This model ordinance requires every “covered employer,” or contractor that enters into a city contract where the annual value of payments is $25,000 or more, to pay their employees no less than a living wage. Beginning at $10.55 per hour, each year the living wage shall be adjusted...

Type Act or Session Law
Year 2014
Level City or Town
State(s) New Jersey
Source Jersey City Municipal Council
Policy Areas Economic Justice
Jersey City's Earned Sick Leave Ordinance states that businesses operating in Jersey City with 10 or more employees must provide up to five paid sick days to their employees each year. No person shall interfere with, restrain, or deny the exercise of, or the attempt to exercise, any...

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2021
Level City or Town
State(s) All States
Source Mayors Innovation Project
Policy Areas Economic Justice
This guide differentiates between the various types of paid leave (i.e. sick, medical, family, and parental leave) and highlights their respective benefits. It discusses options cities can take to enact local paid leave legislation, such as enacting ordinances that expand coverage...

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2020
Level City or Town
State(s) All States
Source Transit Center
Policy Areas Public Safety, Health, Transportation & Mobility
The effects of COVID-19 pose serious challenges for safe and reliable transit service. This report summarizes current epidemiological knowledge about COVID-19 and transit, and explores how city dwellers feel about utilizing public transportation again. Using this information, the...

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