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Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2020
Level City or Town, County
State(s) All States
Source Williams Institute
Policy Areas Economic Justice, Civil Rights
Extensive research has shown that LGBTQ people in the United States experience poverty at higher rates compared to cisgender heterosexual people. Among LGBTQ adults, transgender people and cisgender bisexual women experience the highest rates of economic insecurity. Through interviews...

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2015
Level State, National
State(s) All States
Source National Center for Transgender Equality
Policy Areas Economic Justice, Civil Rights, Housing, Public Safety, Health, Education
Transgender people overall experience high levels of discrimination in every area of life, as well as high levels of poverty, unemployment, homelessness, negative interactions with police, incarceration, and violent victimization. As a result, many transgender people participate in...

Type Policy Brief or Report
Year 2016
Level State
State(s) Texas
Source Child & Family Research Partnership
Policy Areas Children & Families, Health
Over the last decade, rates of child maltreatment have rapidly increased among military families. In response, the Prevention and Early Intervention Division of the Texas Department of Family Protective Services launched the Military Families and Veterans Prevention Program (MVP)...

Type Ordinance or Resolution
Year 2021
Level City or Town, County
State(s) Colorado
Source City and County of Denver
Policy Areas Public Safety
The Support Team Assisted Response (STAR) Program deploys Emergency Response Teams that include Emergency Medical Technicians and Behavioral Health Clinicians to engage individuals experiencing crises related to mental health issues, poverty, homelessness, and substance abuse. This...

Type Ordinance or Resolution
Year 2019
Level City or Town, County
State(s) California
Source City & County of San Francisco
Policy Areas Health
This ordinance establishes Mental Health SF, a mental health program designed to provide access to mental health services, substance use treatment, and psychiatric medications to all adult residents of San Francisco with mental illness and/or substance use disorders who are homeless,...

Type Ordinance or Resolution
Year 2019
Level City or Town
State(s) Oregon
Source City of Eugene
Policy Areas Health, Public Safety
This contract authorizes an agreement between the City of Eugene, OR and the White Bird Clinic, Inc. to administer Crisis Assistance Helping Out On The Streets (CAHOOTS) on behalf of the City. Provisions in this contract also require CAHOOTS to provide 24-hour service for the community....

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