Progressive Local Government for the 21st Century


ProGov21 is an open-source and distributed-organizing effort. Progressive patriots, collectively knowing far more than any one of us, contribute to building this public good by submitting content to it.  We’re interested in ANY useful policy brief, proposal, ordinance, executive order, or regulation at the county or lower level and ANY useful way of communicating its appeal to the broad public or its elected or would-be elected leaders.

Please click here to submit content.

ProGov21 is only as strong as the community who utilizes it. To refine it, we could use constructive comments of any kind, especially if you’ve got some time to work with us to implement a more effective progressive policy toolkits. Email us at, or leave us a comment.  

ProGov21 is maintained and administered by COWS but its contents and library are user generated from a broad array of progressive organizations. We are deeply indebted to the following organizations for their help: